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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Praise Jesus I was Left Behind

So 6:00 PM came and passed on the International Date Line without the pomp and circumstance that was promised, yet again.  Harold Camping predicted the ominous Doomsday, yet again, and to no avail we are still present and accounted for.  So here's my twist on this repeat episode of the Blind Leading the Blind.

First, and probably the most offensive of my conclusions, is that Christianity is a farce.  It is no more legit than the religions of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome yet no more comedic than that of Scientology.  Forcing it's followers into fear to worship an omnipotent supreme God that does not provide a single shred of evidence of existence as a test of faith has blinded pure thought and the impeded the drive for knowledge for 2000 years (6000 years if you take into account the Old Testament).  Faith is an individual want, need and desire that most people rely on to answer the unanswerable.  We cannot definitively answer how everything came to be so people put their faith into the paramount philosophy of the supreme creator.

Second, the end of the world is unavoidable.  Mankind is set on a path of destruction with advancements in weaponry and the decline of society as a whole.  In the United States we have constitutional rights protecting every individual regardless race, religion, creed or gender and yet we have fear based movements preventing mosques being built in communities, we have states passing laws targeting minorities saying they're really trying to control immigration, and states passing hate bills banning homosexuality being taught in public schools.  The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects every citizen of the country from states enforcing laws that would take away any rights granted by the federal law.  Jim Crow has been legally gone for years, but his descendants are coming of age and are rearing their ugly faces in different shapes and forms.  If we allow our states to take away rights away from one group of society, that group of society is having their constitutional rights impeded on by the state.  We cannot stand by idly while this happens.  This is the downfall of society, now to the destruction of the world.  We will get bombarded by something, whether it is a 100 mile large asteroid or thousands upon thousands nuclear explosions, just another self inflicted wound on mankind.

Third, and final, Harold Camping is a con artist and should be held accountable.  He got it wrong, plain and simple, yet he collected handsomely from his followers.  I wonder how many of those that contributed to the Harold Camping initiative will receive compensation or reimbursement.  Camping wrongly predicted the end days in 1994, and yet people still listened to his rants.  Camping argued that he interpreted the Bible to come to the conclusion he did and it was irrefutable.  This further proves that the Bible is not the divine word of God, that it is stories created by man.  If Camping was a true prophet of God and the Bible was the word of God, we would have chaos reigning the streets of our wonderful "Christian Nation", but no.  Thousands of blind followers who put their faith into what this man was selling altered their everyday lives, quit their jobs, gave up their "Earthly possessions" to spread the word of end times.  What will come of these people that cannot get their irreplaceable time back?

My cry to society this morning is to step back.  Look closely at the picture because it is not the "Last Supper" that you are viewing, it is a connect-the-dot a first grader did in a Texas elementary school.  Don't rely solely on faith to make each and every decision in your life.  That feel of a "Holy Presence" is a psychological effect taking place in your brain.  I'm happy to say that I do not reside in a Christian Nation and that was proven tonight.  Secularize this nation.  Keep religion out of my government and allow progress.

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