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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Contradiction of the Christian Conservatives

It is the modern day GOP that holds a monopoly of the power of Christ in politics.  Let that sink in.  I am a firm believer in separation of church and state, and yet our elected officials call upon the influence of the shepherds to bring in the votes.  But let's look closer at the contradictions they live by.

The Christ taught his followers to love they neighbor, turn the other cheek, share your wealth on Earth, heal the sick and not to pass judgement just to name a few.

It is the GOP that brought on an occupation of Iraq that was not warranted in any way, shape or form.  They manipulated the "evidence" to their liking to allow the unlawful overthrow of a regime that had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001.  I am not saying that Saddam Hussein was a great leader, I believe that every tyrant needs to be dealt with, but by their people, and then to have outside influence when requested.  Just like in the Revolutionary War, we established an alliance with France, it was not France that invaded England on our behalf.

It is the GOP that wants less government interference between "the man" and your gun.  The Supreme Court has upheld the Second Amendment for gun rights for the citizens a number of times, but it is the GOP that says that more guns equate to less violence.  More guns is to less violence is just as insane as using gasoline to put out a fire because it is a liquid.  If we are to say that we are a modern society then we have no need for guns to solve disputes.  Yes, there will always be criminals and breaking the law is what makes them criminals, but being a vigilante is a crime as well.  The idea of arming the citizens was to protect them from tyrannical take over.  Where were these militiamen when the PATRIOT ACT was signed taking away our freedom of privacy as citizens as well as not needing warrants for surveillance? This was the ultimate overreach of power by our government and our "patriots" let it slide by without opposition.  Is that their definition of turning the other cheek?

Many of the GOP have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist saying that they will not raise taxes in any way, shape or form.  Now that the government is strapped for funds, it is the GOP that is holding the country hostage from moving forward.  They refuse to cut funding on defense, which accounts for the majority of our spending as a country, and rather cut spending on social programs like Medicare and Social Security.  They will cut these programs, continue to take money out of our public schools all before they raise any taxes, especially on their buddies that hold 98% of the wealth in this country.

It is the GOP that takes a staunch stance against universal healthcare.  The fact of the matter is that the United States of America, once the most prosperous nation in the world, is the ONLY developed nation in the world that DOES NOT have a universal healthcare system.  The healthcare reform that Obama lobbied for is not universal healthcare.  Universal healthcare is made to seem as a communist idea, how do you explain that it is communist when Canada, England, France and Germany, all republics have state run health care?  The Cold War is over, it is time to stop playing on past fears.  With everybody having equal access to healthcare, we will become a healthier nation.  With better health comes better performance in the workplace raising the profits for the owners, generating more revenue for shareholders, more tax money going back into the state to fund for the healthcare provided and to put more money back in schools to better the education of our children, all of this getting the United States put back on the track of prosperity.

So, ask yourself, if you're a Christian and follow the teachings of Christ, can you honestly continue to vote for the GOP when they do not follow the fundamental teachings of your savior?

Why Does Your Deity Need a Little Blue Pill?

Another week has passed and yet again there have been extremists raising arms in the name of their impotent deity.  Tragically, four people lost their lives as mobs raided a U.S. embassy in Libya.  Yes, the mobs were comprised of Muslims and they were upset about a video that depicted their great "prophet" Mohammad in a negative fashion.  The one question I have about this is how Omnipotent is Allah and Mohammad that when they are mocked their minions must create chaos and wreak havoc?  The answer is not Omnipotent at all, rather the antonym impotent.

Here's the truth.  Religion is a man-made con established to maintain control of the masses by the threat of eternal punishment and falling out of the good graces of their gods.  The reason why people get so greatly offended when religion is questioned is because subconsciously they know that religion is a farce, but their conscious does not want to come to terms with the delusion.  So in order to protect the fantastical, they take the words of the Bronze Age text literally, and infallible, striking down any opponent of their views.  This is why the basics of democracy cannot thrive in a theocracy.

We hold dear both our freedom of speech and religion.  Part of the freedom of speech is to be able to mock that one sees ridiculous.  To those that continue to try to push your "Christian Values" into our government, please understand that it is our secular society that protects your freedom of religion because our government cannot recognized any established religion.  Our Founding Fathers were smart enough to understand that mixing religion and politics is a combustible mixture and will eventually blow up in our faces.  We can see examples of this around the world today in the nations that use the Koran as their constitution.  Take heed, and please leave your religion where it belongs, at home or in your temple.  There is no room for fairy tales in the outside world because religion breeds hate, intolerance and bigotry.  It holds back the advancement of society (i.e. Galileo, Copernicus, and Darwin) by trying to keep nomadic traditions on a settled society.