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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Intelligence, or lack there of

Today on a flight departing Memphis, TN heading to Charlotte, NC there were two gentlemen that were removed from the plane because the passengers of the plane did not feel comfortable flying with them.  These two men were highly respected in their religious community that passed the same security screening that all the other passengers had passed.  TSA agents rescreened these two men after taking them off the plane, but the pilot refused to have these two men allowed back onto the plane and would eventually depart Memphis without these two paying customers in the free market we live in.  The first response from the airline was "we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused".  These two men had made all the preparations for their trip heading to Charlotte for a conference of other religious leaders, so this I can imagine was highly inconvenient.  You realize what is sad about this situation?  If these men had refused to leave the plane for additional screening, they would have been detained until proven innocent.  How is this situation any different from the Jim Crow Era of the United States South?  The fearful white community would dictate where any minorities could sit on mass transportation vehicles, often times leaving them to sit on the roofs of trains or the back of the bus, but today, the descendants of those who enforced Jim Crow are now systematically targeting people that follow a religion that they don't understand, and don't care to understand because they believe that their Bible is the truth, they rely on Fox News to fill in the blanks just like a Mad Lib.  Yes, these two men were Muslim.  How would we be reacting as a society if these two men were nuns boarding this plane in their attire?  There's plenty of room underneath their robs to hide explosives.  I propose to you that ANY organized religion is dangerous.  People being led like sheep by their preachers just like their called in the gospel, oblivious to the actual going ons surrounding them.  One day, people are going to express concern over a person in Muslim attire on a plane or a train and this individual is going to do the same thing that Rosa Parks did in 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama and refuse to get up.  These two men should sue this airline bankrupt for allowing discrimination to thrive.  The pilot should have his licensed revoked and the passengers should go through ten times the screenings each flight they take.  When will we as a society get beyond this creation of bigotry and prejudice?  These are concepts that humans created to create a superiority complex for the ones in power.  Continuing to allow prejudices and bigotry to thrive is no better than being a Nazi.  Stop drinking the Kool-Aid or you will have a can of whoop-ass opened up on you one day.

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