Secularize This

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Right Answer

Here in the next few days the world population is going to reach the 7,000,000,000 mark, and the majority of that population being in under-developed nations gaining aid from developed nations such as the United States of America and those in Western Europe.  I have come up with a solution motivated by the concepts of the Tea Party movement.  This solution will 100% cut down on government spending, protect the Second Amendment rights to bear arms and could ultimately allow them to create a Christian World Order.

Hunters hunt wild animals for sport on the reason to control population and to prevent disease outbreaks to avoid suffering.  In 2009 781,000 people died of malaria, most of them children in Africa.  This is a disease that causes suffering in many populations that are not properly funded.  Every year 15,000,000 children die from not having access to basic sustenance for nutrition.  As one of the most powerful nations in the world we have the capability to resolve these situations to avoid suffering.  I'm not talking about government handouts because that is too liberal, and plus, the majority of these cases are overseas, we don't even care about the starving children we have in our own country.

My proposal is to allow every Tea Partier, card carrying member of the NRA and any U.S. citizen that owns a registered firearm to travel overseas and have an open season on the human population of the world.  This will alleviate suffering while protecting the Second Amendment rights of those that matter the most, the job creators.  This will also cut back on federal spending because there will be less funding going overseas for development.  Anglo-Americans have a history of imposing their will on others, ask any Native American who's ancestors were fortunate enough not to contract small pox from blankets.  The Tea Party can even pitch this as a continuation on the War on Terror saying that these people threaten the American way of life, the "right" way of life.  Stocks of Smith & Wesson will sky rocket along with Capitol One because of all the frequent flyer miles that will be cashed in for these travels, so it is a win/win scenario for everybody that matters.

I urge you to get creative with these.  Bring back the safari style hunt in Africa.  Drive around in your gas-guzzling Land Rovers that get 2 miles to the gallon.  Rent an elephant to roam the streets in Bombay as you bring on the wrath of Jesus on the heathenish Hindus of India.  Hire a rickshaw driver to run through the streets of Bangkok as you play your own real-life Grand Theft Auto.  Remember, you're doing the world a favor, the world that matters.  You're actions will be for the (I can't say greater good because that will seem socialist) the benefit of all.  It will eliminate suffering and control population, especially for those that do not abstain from sexual intercourse that continue to add to the world population putting more of a burden on society.  You don't deserve for your hard earned money going into medical research to develop a cure for malaria and have it obliterated from the Earth once and for all.  Once you build your summer home on the coast of Sierra Leone, there won't be anymore disease.  We will categorize any ailment into one general listing called "Perry", because if Jesus wanted us to have a remedy for malaria he would have made it for us in the Garden of Eden just like he did for polio, and Perry's answer is to pray everything away.

Now that all the non-believers and leaches of society have been cleared out, you will have plenty of land to claim in the name of the Christian United States of America, or CUSA (not to be mistaken for the collegiate Conference USA).  Now you will be able to have your own child born in what was once known as Kenya and one day become president.  We will be able to transgress our progress as a species back to the times of neanderthals, but this time living in isolation where it is every citizen for themselves.  You can setup alarms at the edges of your million acre plot to ensure that you do not get any invasions from rivals or freeloaders that survived the rapture trying to get a nibble to eat, because everyone has the equal right to thrive as long as they are already thriving.  Happy hunting and don't let them take that gun from your cold dead hands.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Alcohol Influenced Post

The End is undefined, and at times unexpected.  The End can come with a flash of lightening or after a long journey down the winding path.  There are times where we cannot hold our breaths long enough waiting for the end to come and other times where we are not able to breathe in fast enough before that final instant passes by.  

We are all passengers in this journey we call life.  It is anything but a smooth ride down the straight path.  We encounter many pot holes, speed bumps, twists and turns along the way gaining experience the same way a permitted driver does on the eve of their sixteenth birthday.  We are driving at night with poor lighting from our outdated headlights; we are not able to see around the bend.  This is what makes life worth living.  This is what makes us human not knowing what the next day brings.  We live in each and every moment not knowing what to expect.  We think that life is planned but it is anything beyond that.  Life is an adventure and an unmapped journey through the hurdling collection of multi-verses.  The choices we make cannot be recanted in any way, shape or form and we must live with the outcomes, positive or negative.  

In this journey of life there is only one thing that is guaranteed, The End.  The End has graced countless pages in literature and silver screen cinema through the generations.  It can keep the audience intrigued to the point where a sudden turn of events derails the predicted outcome or that same audience cannot hope beyond hope for the end to come soon enough.  Life is played out on this very same stage.  Collectively as a society we have deemed it immoral to voluntarily end the life of a law abiding citizen (unless wrongly convicted of a crime and the courts choose not to listen) but feel that capital punishment and abortion is acceptable.  Either way you cut it, forcing death on any living organism is wrong.  On the other hand if that living specimen has the peace of mind to be able to say “I don’t wish to suffer anymore” do we not owe that member of society the honor to pass peacefully?  The moral question should not be life or death but should be is the individual suffering?  

Life is a label we put on consciousness to explain our existence.  As a society we rely heavily on nomenclature; Christian and Muslim, insect and mammal, black and white, etc.  What it all boils down to, and what too many people ignore, is that no matter what your beliefs are we are all from the same source.  Judeo-Christians hold the Book of Genesis close to heart as the origin of life, and many other religions put life in the hands of a supreme being.  Biology has proven that we all come from a common ancestor.  I’m not starting the argument of evolution vs. creation but pointing out the fact that which ever way you cut the concept, it always goes back to the same beginning, that there was a beginning.  Stop the hate mongering against different views and philosophical beliefs that others have.  We are all cousins either descending from an ape like creature, Adam & Eve, or an ape like creature named Adam and another named Eve (it’s possible that there was an Adam and Steve in there somewhere too).  We need to let go of the hate and indifference's that are fueling our society and see people for who they really are, our cousins, or The End of our society will come far sooner than we all care for.