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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And I think to myself...

I heard a comment on the radio today that I found rather disturbing.  The talk of the day, like yesterday, was the death of Osama bin Laden.  A "Christian" gentleman  called in saying that the Bible teaches revenge here in the South, the Bible Belt.  It took a few moments for that to set in.  The Bible I was taught before I split from the church was that a good Christian turns the other cheek, that is what their lord Jesus taught.  There are parts in the Old Testament that say an eye for an eye and such, but to go against the word of their lord is puzzling.  I can open any book and analyze it to the point to where it says what I want it to.  Granted, bin Laden was not a very popular man in the Judeo-Christian community, but to wish death upon someone is frightening.  I will be the first to admit I felt jubilant when I first heard that he had been killed.  I felt this because of everything my country had endured the past decade with billions being funneled into an unnecessary war in Iraq allowing bin Laden to plan other attacks in Europe to take more innocent lives and recruit countless suicide bombers to ruin the lives of thousands of families throughout the region.  I felt jubilant for that moment in hopes that we could finally start withdrawing more of our dedicated service men and women from foreign territories back home getting them out of harms way.  I felt jubilant because I know thousands of families around the world would feel a piece of closure after what has happened around the world over the past decade and a half.  Despite all jubilation from this weekend I will continue to live my life as I normally do, I will not live in fear of another terrorist attack.  I will live my life as I choose to.  I am not in fear of what may come my way, I do not fear my government and I do not fear any terrorist, no matter what group they may come from.  We are all humans on this rock and until we can get past our petty differences on the ideological concepts of religion and any prejudices that blind us, eventually we will all parish and be reincarnated into dung beetles.  So if you plan do die in the name of Jesus Christ or Mohammad, don't think about the Golden Roads of Heaven with 72 virgins standing along the way, think about the dung beetle.  Lose the hate, embrace your brothers and make this life worth living because this can truly be a wonderful world.

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