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Saturday, July 30, 2011


For countless centuries, human inhabitants of this planet called Earth had a geocentric state of mind.  They believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and everything, including the sun, orbited around this small spherical body.  There were a few observers through the years that started to truly study the sky and began to lay the pieces of the puzzle out to construct.  Copernicus was the first to put the puzzle together by coming out and saying that the Earth orbited the Sun.  Later, Galileo invented the telescope to observe far off celestial bodies, and with this was able to examine the paths of orbiting planets and moons and confirmed what Copernicus had stated.

This concept went against everything that the church believed.  As a matter of fact, Galileo was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, but kept his strong faith in God.  Over time, with insurmountable evidence, the church finally adopted the heliocentric construction to our solar system.  Now, almost five centuries after Galileo left this planet, science is in an ever heated battle with religion yet again.  This time it is dealing with how life came to be on this planet.  Science shows steady changes to species over time so those species can adapt to their environment and ensure their thriving through time (barring any major catastrophe).  These small, steady mutations are the basis of evolution, or the survival of the fittest.  There are countless species of birds on this planet all with different designs beaks, wings and feet.  Some have webbed feet to allow them to tread through water easier, others have talons to grasp their prey while they fly.  Pelicans have an expandable pouch to scoop up water with fish so they don't have to land to eat where as the seagull does not.  These are variable traits over time to allow these different species to survive and thrive.

Yes, it took the church many of years to accept the fact that we are not the center of the universe, eventually they will come to the conclusion showing that evolution is a fact and not a belief.  Galileo never gave up his faith, but stood by the scientific evidence of the heliocentric concept.  Why is accepting what Darwin observed blasphemous?  We see changes in our own species over time.  We as a species have gotten taller over time.  George Washington was 6 feet 2 inches at the time of his death, that was considered tall for his time, today that is average.  We are adapting, height is a favorable trait to have, it shows dominance.  Accept the fact that evolution is out there, we all evolve, we're just waiting for you.

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