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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Does Your Deity Need a Little Blue Pill?

Another week has passed and yet again there have been extremists raising arms in the name of their impotent deity.  Tragically, four people lost their lives as mobs raided a U.S. embassy in Libya.  Yes, the mobs were comprised of Muslims and they were upset about a video that depicted their great "prophet" Mohammad in a negative fashion.  The one question I have about this is how Omnipotent is Allah and Mohammad that when they are mocked their minions must create chaos and wreak havoc?  The answer is not Omnipotent at all, rather the antonym impotent.

Here's the truth.  Religion is a man-made con established to maintain control of the masses by the threat of eternal punishment and falling out of the good graces of their gods.  The reason why people get so greatly offended when religion is questioned is because subconsciously they know that religion is a farce, but their conscious does not want to come to terms with the delusion.  So in order to protect the fantastical, they take the words of the Bronze Age text literally, and infallible, striking down any opponent of their views.  This is why the basics of democracy cannot thrive in a theocracy.

We hold dear both our freedom of speech and religion.  Part of the freedom of speech is to be able to mock that one sees ridiculous.  To those that continue to try to push your "Christian Values" into our government, please understand that it is our secular society that protects your freedom of religion because our government cannot recognized any established religion.  Our Founding Fathers were smart enough to understand that mixing religion and politics is a combustible mixture and will eventually blow up in our faces.  We can see examples of this around the world today in the nations that use the Koran as their constitution.  Take heed, and please leave your religion where it belongs, at home or in your temple.  There is no room for fairy tales in the outside world because religion breeds hate, intolerance and bigotry.  It holds back the advancement of society (i.e. Galileo, Copernicus, and Darwin) by trying to keep nomadic traditions on a settled society.

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