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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Think before you speak

Recently I saw a post on someone's Facebook wall ranting about how the United States is providing relief funds to Japan after their devastating earthquake and now impending nuclear tragedy.  The reasoning behind this was that we as a country should not offer our assistance to them because they were the ones that bombed Pearl Harbor.  That may be true, but that was settled with the end of World War II.  They also provide us with the majority of the electronic devices we so enjoy today and millions of imported vehicles we drive on our American highways.  If we are going to use past actions to justify present day actions, let's look in the mirror and Anglo Saxon and Christian activities throughout history.

1) The Holocaust
2) The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
3) The Spanish Inquisitions
4) Jim Crow Laws of the South
5) Whites displacing Native Americans for westward expansion (never take a blanket from a white man)
6) European Colonization of the world

I know that these are not in any chronological order.  Honestly, I'm writing this blog trying to stay awake in class.  What we can take from this is that one horrible incident that the Japanese did almost 70 years ago should not have any influence on the action we take today.  If Pearl Harbor offends you as an American, read up on Nanking and the atrocities that took place there by the Japanese.  This alone should offend you as a human being.  Before you make any comments referring to historical events, think before you speak; put it in scale of other events that your culture, religion or government may have been part of.  When looking at history, you have to look at it without bias to be able to argue a valid point.

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